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Stone recommends Windows.

Here at Stone we have an experienced software licensing team who can help you to identify the most suitable cost effective software licensing model that fits your organisation’s needs while helping you ensure licensing compliance.

From traditional Microsoft licensing models such as Microsoft Open and Open Value to Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) monthly or annual billing, we can help you match your budgets and preferred payment options to suit.

The backup of your data has never been so important

At Stone we can help you backup your traditional physical and virtual server environments and help you backup your Office365 Email, Onedrive and Sharepoint data on-site, off-site or to the cloud with a range of products.

With the daily increase of security attacks and your data being the most valuable asset, securing your devices, company information and maintaining control goes hand in hand with backup.

We have an extensive range of security partners that can help with device security and data loss prevention to suite all needs.

Why Stone?

  • We’re a trusted Microsoft Gold Partner as well as a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP)
  • A skilled team of highly qualified licensing experts fully trained and accredited by the likes of Microsoft and Adobe
  • Over 25 years’ experience providing end user software and licensing to academic and public sector institutions
  • We can undertake a full licensing audit of your estate
  • Can provide volume license agreements for major end user software vendors and manage upgrades and renewals on your behalf
  • We work with over 800 software vendors!
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