Data Protection and Security

With the demand for agile and flexible IT and digital solutions growing by the day, so is the risk of cyber-attacks on your organisation. A breach of your critical systems could be devastating.

Protect your organisation's IT network, data and users by being one step ahead of attackers with our robust data protection and security solutions.

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What is a Cyber-Attack?

A cyber-attack is a digital disruption or potential theft of data carried out on an individual device or an entire network.

The attacker is usually attempting to gain access to data that should be protected by law, or targeting devices to disable in order to demand a ransom.

Protect Your Business from Intruders.


Malware attackers will download a file to a specific device that can steal data such as personal information, passwords and key strokes.

Phishing scams

By creating a professional-looking email, a phisher tricks an individual into providing personal details or passwords, which allow access to protected data.

Imitation networks

Sometimes an attacker copies a network to trick an individual into submitting personal data, believing it is safe to do so.

SQL and XSS injection

A database query code can be submitted to your server to trigger it to reveal personal information stored.

Trial and error

Some cyber attackers are opportunists, targeting users with weak passwords.

The Cost of Ignoring Data Protection.

Under the Data Protection Act 2018 (GDPR), you have an obligation to ensure any data is stored and used safely and responsibly. That means any data you hold on users and customers must be:

  • Up to date
  • Stored no longer than necessary
  • Kept safe
  • Used and shared only where appropriate

If a cyber-attack on your organisation results in a data breach, the ICO must be informed within 72 hours and the individuals affected must be notified immediately. Failure to comply can result in a heavy fine of up to £17.5 million or 4% of your global turnover.

Not only is there an immediate financial risk - your reputation is also at stake.


Your Reputation is at Stake

Your customers rely on you to keep their data safe, and this relationship can be irreparably damaged following a cyber-attack or threat. There may even be the risk of insurance claims from your customers, should their data protection rights be breached in this way.

The disruption and potential future loss of custom can be fatal, but you can prevent this easily by investing in solid cyber security measures from Stone.

Our Solutions

Data protection, security, and compliance.

We'll help you comply with data protection regulations across your website, network, learning space or app. Have peace of mind that employees and end-users know the best practice for creating and storing passwords, checking links, and keeping software up to date.

Endpoint protection for devices.

Endpoint protection allows you to secure the entry and endpoints of users accessing your network, via laptops, mobiles, and PCs. Managing networks that are remotely bridged to specific devices allows your network administrator to restrict website access to specific users.

Backup, recovery, and replication.

Regularly backing up data in a way that can be recovered and replicated quickly is a crucial part of the security strategy and can improve resilience and minimise disruption should a breach occur. We can also ensure data has the correct access restrictions so that it is only placed in the right hands.

Robust firewalls

Firewalls create a barrier between your trusted internal network and any untrusted external networks. With our robust firewalls, you will be able to monitor and control any incoming or outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security rules.


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