Smarter Security for Businesses of all Sizes

Stone Group understands that both small and large enterprises require robust, cost-effective security systems that can be installed to fit their specific needs. With Stone Group, our security offerings extend beyond protecting your IT systems.

Security Cameras Built for Businesses

There are various types of cameras that can boost your business security. Different types of camera are better suited to different applications. The options include:

  • IP Security Cameras - these can be wired or wireless and offer remote viewing so you can check on your premises no matter where you are. This is ideal for smaller buildings where security is needed but budgets are tight.
  • Dome Cameras - resistant to tampering, these discrete cameras have a wide-angle field of view. They are excellent when deployed in areas like stairwells or above cash registers, and are even useful outdoors.
  • Warning Light Cameras - these effective resources include built-in sensor lights and can include things like colour night vision, audio and sirens. They are an excellent deterrent when you are not around.
  • Bullet Cameras - these are a visible deterrent that offer a longer, more focused range. Perfect for car parks or perimeter security, as well as indoor applications.

Meeting Your Business Security Needs 

Let Stone Group help you install a high-quality system. If you need to mix and match different wireless security cameras, we have you covered. If you need something scalable that can expand as your business grows, we can help with this too.

With our systems, you can be everywhere at once, providing visibility for areas such as:

  • The business entrance
  • Safes and cash registers
  • Back office
  • Low visibility areas
  • Storage areas

The Cisco Meraki MT20

This is the all-in-one security camera system from Cisco Meraki, which we offer alongside our unrivalled personal service. We can deliver full deployment of this innovative technology that offers a robust security solution for businesses of all kinds.

You will be able to monitor and manage every camera from anywhere in the world. It's all accessed in a single, secure dashboard, requiring only a stable internet connection to log in to.

We will provide support and guidance from conception right through to installation and after-sales support, so you will never be left feeling uncertain.


Unburden Your Mind

You need to focus on the things that matter most to your business. Productivity, growth, success - all these things are limited when you have too many things to think about. Take the security worries out of the equation and leave that to us as the experts.

At Stone Group, we believe in providing affordable, user-friendly commercial security cameras that give you peace of mind to focus on running your business. The security offerings we provide will help keep your business safe 24/7.

Why Stone Group?

With over 25 years of industry experience, we are experts in everything to do with *wireless networking*. These camera systems make full use of the latest *WiFi technology* and *cloud computing* for a future-proof system, and we have a comprehensive knowledge of its deployment. 

We also have a trusted partnership with Cisco Meraki, enabling us to access their newest technologies and offer them to our customers at fair prices. We have intrinsic knowledge of all their offerings.

Furthermore, our staff are extremely knowledgeable and on hand to help at every stage.