Software Licensing

Stone Group can help bring your digital strategy to life with our dedicated software licensing services, run by a team of specialists. We can help you remain fully compliant with all necessary licensing regulations, whilst identifying savings on the expenses of software licensing.

Essential Software Licensing Services

Having appropriate software licensing in place is essential for all types of businesses and institutions. Having the right licensing agreements ensures that your business is using genuine software that’s both legal and fully compliant with relevant regulations. The software licence defines what your organisation may and may not do with a particular piece of software, and adhering to these rules is vital.

Software is subject to copyright, meaning that unlicensed software is illegal. In addition, it may not operate correctly, costing you extra time and money. Using such software puts your organisation at both legal and financial risk, as well as at increased risk from hackers and other cybersecurity threats. Resolving cybersecurity issues also means further time and financial expense.

In addition to these risks, poor management of software licences could mean that your organisation is unnecessarily paying for software licences that it doesn’t need. Again, this represents an additional strain on your finances. Putting the right licensing agreement in place with the support of a professional team of experts helps to save money, free up time, and protect your business from the pitfalls of using unlicensed software.


An Experienced Software Licensing Team

At Stone Group, we have a dedicated team of software licensing experts who can work closely with you to understand your organisation’s circumstances and arrange licensing agreements that meet your needs and support your business’ goals. Our team understand the software licensing requirements of businesses and will work closely with you to find the options that best support your digital strategy.

We’ll help you to identify the licensing agreement model that’s the most appropriate fit for your organisation and ensure that you achieve licensing compliance. We offer flexible licensing options, ranging from traditional models like Microsoft Open to monthly or annual billing through the CSP agreement. The licensing model for your organisation can be adapted to accommodate your budget as well as your preferred methods for payment.


Data Backup and Security Services

Your organisation’s data is an invaluable asset. Alongside the use of correctly licensed software, we can support your organisation with effective and reliable backup services. We offer backup services using a range of different products and can provide backups on-site, off-site, or to the cloud. Our software licensing and data backup services give your organisation real protection and peace of mind.


A Leading Software Licensing Provider

Stone Group are recognised as a leading provider of software licensing services, with 30 years of experience in providing licensing to a wide range of institutions, including further and higher education settings. Our team are highly trained and accredited by such names as Microsoft, Adobe, Google and many more. We’re a Microsoft Gold Partner, as well as an official Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider.

We work closely with hundreds of software providers, which allows us to deliver a range of licensing solutions to suit a variety of organisations. As part of our service, we can offer a thorough audit of your licensing agreements, as well as manage your licensing and any changes and upgrades. Contact Stone Group today to find out more about how we can support you with our *software licensing* services.