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Securing your network from malicious attacks doesn’t have to be complicated. The Cisco Umbrella solution makes effective use of the internet’s infrastructure to detect and block malicious destinations, before a connection is given chance to be established. Through delivering security straight to your organisation through the cloud, Umbrella is able to provide an effective and secure solution, all whilst saving you money to focus on other important aspects of your business.

Even when your users have left the perimeters of your organisation, you can maintain visibility and security. Cisco Umbrella provides you with the ability to monitor internet activity across all devices, over all ports and even when users are no longer connected to your corporate network. Plus, with the Umbrella solution, you’re able to keep a hold of your activity logs forever.

To discover more about how Stone can help you implement and manage the Cisco Umbrella solution effectively alongside your other wireless infrastructure within your organisation, check out the information provided below.

How it works:

DNS & IP layer enforcement

The Cisco Umbrella solution will stop malware before it manages to reach your network or endpoints. Through using DNS (Domain Name System) the solution stops threats over all ports and protocols, even direct-to-IP connections.


Intelligent proxy

Rather than blanketing a proxy over all web traffic, the Umbrella solution will route any requests to risky domains for a deeper URL and file inspection. This means you’re being effectively protected, without experiencing any delay or performance impacts.


Command & control callback blocking

If your devices or system do become infected by other means, Umbrella will prevent any connections to your attackers’ servers, stopping any data exfiltration and execution of ransomware encryption.

  • DNS & IP layer enforcement
  • Intelligent proxy
  • Command & control callback blocking

Deploy the Umbrella solution within minutes

Forget about the usual hassle of deploying an enterprise-wide solution. With Umbrella, there’s no hardware for you to install and no software that you will need to manually update. Stone can help you get up and running with a dedicated, browser-based interface that combines quick set up with the relief of simplified and ongoing management.

How it's done:

On-network devices

With just one click, you can ensure protection is observed across your entire Cisco footprint – SD-WAN, ISR 1K and 4K, Meraki MR and WLAN. This means that you’re implementing the most powerful levels of security, without the operational complexity to match.


Off-network laptops

Receive expert protection for your users’ laptops even when the VPN is off. With Umbrella’s roaming client or Cisco’s built-in AnyConnect integration, you can extend your level of protection way beyond your corporate network.


Browser-based interface

Providing both central and local administration and reporting, the Umbrella browser-based dashboard can create and manage policies effectively, even for the most complex of organisations.

  • On-network devices
  • Off-network laptops
  • Browser-based interface
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