Stone Assist

Stone Assist is a range of remote support modules that offer help with problems and remote administration of your IT systems. Our plans give you access to our Support specialists who have vast experience of solving a wide range of problems. Features can be added as required to create a truly bespoke package.

Overview of our Support capabilities:

  • Access to experienced IT support professionals.
  • Maximise the availability of your systems.
  • Solve problems quickly.
  • Access help over the telephone or using secure remote screen technology.
  • Take advantage of our range of monitoring and remote management facilities.
  • Reduce onsite engineer maintenance costs.

Remote and Telephone Support

All of our Remote support contracts include
both Remote and Telephone support. Within the Service Hours, you can contact us and obtain the support and help you need.

Support Portal Access

In addition to the normal support contact
routes, we can provide you with a dedicated
portal for your staff to submit and view remote
support incidents.

Remote Access

Our remote connection platform provides
access to your IT systems in a secure
manner to allow us to diagnose and resolve
your problems.

Health Checks

Health checks are an optional service design
to help you maintain your systems and highlight common issues. These checks are performed monthly and emailed to you.

Windows Server Update Management

We assist in the management of Microsoft
automatic updates cycle for both virtual host
servers and virtual machines to help ensure the
smooth running of your operations.

Automated Monitoring

Our automated monitoring option provides an
easy to use, low cost service to give you critical
alerts by email in the event of a problem,
enabling you to stay on top of IT systems and
take necessary actions.

Scheduled Engineer Visits

We provide scheduled visits from skilled
professionals to ensure that you pay for
the right level of engineer, for the right task
required onsite.

Pre-paid Ad-Hoc Engineer Visits

Pre-paid engineer visits to help you resolve
issues that require an on-site presence, this
gives you support priority, as well as helping
you to respond quickly if a problem occurs.

Rapid Response Engineer Visits

Your “Big red button”. If you need some
professional assistance at short notice, we
have accredited engineers that can help with
complex issues in need of urgent attention.

The Stone Assist Packages

We offer professional, helpful technical support for all staff from a chosen support level across all your locations, including remote workers,during regular office hours. Support levels include 1st to 3rd Line support and are split into three packages based on the level of support and features you require including system health checks, system monitoring and management, service management wrapper and a range of additional addons. Contact your account manager to find out which package is right for you today.


  •  Remote support via support tools
  • Verbal remote support for end-users
  •  Portal support via ticketing system
  • Service transition support
  • Full remote support via support tool
  • Verbal and remote support services
    for end-users.
  •  Additional portal support via
    ticketing system.
  •  Additional service transition support
  • Full remote support across all platforms
  • Full remote support services for all
    end-user skill level.
  • Portal and email support
     Onboarding and service transition
  • System health checks
  •  System monitoring
  • Change management engagement
  • Service management