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Stone, a Converge Company, is offering a free software consultation to help you save money, improve your software deployment, remove the stress of managing licenses, and ensure you are compliant all at once.

Woman talking on headset consulting clientWoman talking on headset consulting client

At Stone, a Converge Company, our dedicated software and licensing experts can work closely with you to understand your organisation's requirements - and create software deployments to support your goals.

We'll help you identify appropriate licensing agreements, ensure compliance, explain flexible licensing options and adapt our solutions to accommodate your budgets and preferred payment methods.

Register for a free software consultation and we'll review your existing software ecosystem and offer advice on optimising your current licensing models and software deployments.

Areas we can cover:

  • Main Operating System (e.g. Microsoft/Google)
  • Upcoming Microsoft 365 changes in education
  • Azure Platform
  • PDF Solutions
  • Backup Software
  • Cybersecurity options
  • Safeguarding and Remote Monitoring
  • Productivity apps
  • Database management
  • Bespoke Legacy Solutions

As part of the review, we’ll discuss options for creating a more streamlined approach to your software landscape and advise on any planned changes to the products you use.

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