We offer a wide range of Stone branded products that can be made bespoke to your needs, as well as an extensive range of products and devices from our industry leading partners.

What we do

We offer an extensive range of desktop computers, laptops, servers and devices that can be tailored to suit any situation and requirements. Whether you need portable and robust, yet high performing notebooks for the classroom, a sleek and powerful All-in-One desktop for a clutter-free work space, or a comprehensive network of productivity driving devices for a professional setting, we can find the right product for you.


Whether you need robust, durable devices for multiple users, or stylish and lightweight notebooks for busy professionals, Stone can provide you with the right product to suit your organisation’s needs.

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Our Stone Desktops allow for an extensive range of bespoke configurations, so your device can be tailored to your unique requirements. With install-to-desk available and up to 5 years warranty fulfilled by our experienced engineers and qualified staff, you can have peace of mind that your new investment is effective and protected.

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Our extensive range of servers and storage solutions are designed to be as flexible and customisable as possible, so you get the technology that’s best for your organisation.

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