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The SMB and SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) landscape is thriving thanks to the rapid development of technologies such as cloud-based services, collaboration software and mobile devices. Increasingly commonplace, these innovations allow professionals to work remotely with ease and agility, enabling them to access business information, collaborate with their teams and connect with customers whenever, wherever, they are. A growing number of these are virtual enterprises – businesses without physical premises – where mobile and versatile workspaces are integral for success.

As technology evolves and agile working becomes the norm, IT is no longer a limitation for SMB and SOHO businesses. Instead it provides them with the ability to operate as effectively as their larger counterparts and make them more adaptable to change as their business evolves. Enterprise-class devices are available in abundance and with increasing affordability, so it’s easier now more than ever to create the optimum setup in any SMB or SOHO environment.

However, IT resources and technical support in smaller business are often far more minimalistic than large-scale companies, so it’s important to implement devices that are easy-to-manage and maintain. Furthermore, despite their size, small enterprises account for the majority of security breaches at 58%, with around two-thirds experiencing a cyberattack in the past year. And so, SMB and SOHO’s need to develop their digital capabilities to not only stay adaptable and productive, but to keep their business secure and easy to manage.

Dynabook business devices for SMB and SOHO

Dynabook have a range of elegantly engineered devices designed for any way you work. Powerful yet portable, Dynabook business laptops are built for the agile worker, bringing the best of versatility, productivity and performance in to a sleek and professional design. From ultra-mobile two-in-ones for intuitive working on the move, to powerful laptops with docking capabilities to plug in to a fully functioning workstation, there’s a PC for every specialism.

And as cyber-attacks on small businesses are so prevalent, Dynabook devices can be configured to work with Dynabook Mobile Zero client to provide maximum security without compromising mobility. Additionally, Dynabook’s unique intelligent BIOS software that runs under Windows 10 provides an added layer of defence, so you can enjoy a stylish business laptop with the latest, comprehensive security features onboard to keep your business safe and protected.

Why Dynabook and Stone

We’re a Dynabook Platinum Partner, so we’re certified as experts of the highest standard to provide and advise on Dynabooks full range of products and devices. We deliver bespoke solutions to our customers through offering customisation options and complete end-to-end services so you can enjoy a ready-to-use solution without the need for a technical team. Our value-add solutions include consultations, training, project management and design, SCCM imaging, laser etching, asset tagging, install-to-desk and more.

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