Making a Digital Difference

Our goal is to create sustainable growth through innovation and investment in our people, products and services, partnerships, and processes, operating in an open and transparent culture where we live by our values.

Our framework “Making a Digital Difference” is our commitment to sustainability in all our business activities Environmental, Social and Economic. We continue to build on our strengths and do what we do really well.
Sustainability is one of our core values and our strategy focuses on environmental sustainability, social sustainability and our Corporate Social Responsibility supporting every element with inclusion, integrity and commitment.

Net Carbon Zero

We have declared our challenging target of being net zero by 2030 for Scope 1 and Scope 2 and declared our commitment to UN Race to Zero and SME Climate Hub. We have already converted our consumption to 100% renewable electricity. Our Stone products now use 80plus bronze power supplies as standard and working towards Gold and Platinum versions. We are already transitioning our car fleet to electric and reviewing hydrogen and electric alternative for our commercial fleet. We have also embraced experts including the Carbon Literacy Group and engaged with the Carbon Disclosure Project.

Circular Economy

We deliver a circular IT solution at every stage of the asset lifecycle. We provide a fully circular economy solution with our 360 App enabling surplus IT equipment to be reused and recycled with full data protection and Zero to Landfill commitment.

Zero Waste

We are reducing our waste and you can help too. We will continue our commitment to be Zero to Landfill and to be single use plastic free. At Stone we valorise your redundant IT equipment, enabling devices to be reused or recycled, empowering customers to access IT equipment at multiple price points from our e commerce site to Stone Refurb and providing helpful financial package solutions. Through small changes from carefully designing our packaging to supporting local communities and working together to reduce our carbon footprint, we can take big steps to Making a Digital Difference and reducing waste.

Sustainable Procurement

We design IT devices that are made to last, with responsible sourced components and caring for the people who make help in our supply chain. We will always drive sustainability with our supply chain. We have a dedicated UK based repair and maintenance team to ensure your equipment is working at its optimum level. We have a professional local team based in the UK ready to support your customer needs and technical support. We work with all members of our supply chain to ensure they are supported and meet our corporate social responsibility standards.

Wellbeing and Engagement

At Stone we support employees and embrace diversity. This goes beyond policies and procedures to nurturing a culture of inclusivity and engagement. From comprehensive training programme including apprenticeships, to volunteer days and community engagement we support every employee.

Environmental Protection & Biodiversity

Our operation will ensure a healthy environment and increased biodiversity. We minimise our environmental impact with ISO 14001 and consider the environmental impact on our activities including logistics and recycling. We have partnered with the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust who are protecting wildlife in 43 nature reserves and have already planted over 9 million trees and Ecologi who plant trees on behalf of customers through their engagement with the Stone 360 App. We have previously partnered with The National Forest, to help regenerate derelict land in the Midlands.

Protecting Human Rights

At Stone we support communities and individuals to ensure equality of opportunity and access. This is from basic needs such a living wage, no zero hour contracts to zero tolerance to modern slavery and supporting our supply chain to protect the human rights of their colleagues. We are a disability confident employer and promote opportunities to all. We embrace the inclusive software that can support additional needs and working closely with charities such as Family Fund enable the world of technology to open up to families and communities.

Sustainable Solutions

We believe in embracing innovation and providing sustainable solutions to all stakeholders. We take the time to understand your requirement and deliver innovation with integrity. Working closely with the leading providers of hardware and software we can tailor a bespoke solution to meet your specific need.

Closing the Digital Gap

At Stone as a leading IT provider we recognise the benefits that technology can bring and also realise that these benefits are not immediately available to all, whether this is lack of hardware, infrastructure or knowledge. Working closely with community groups and charities we are looking to close that gap enabling people to reach their full potential.

Social Value

We are delivering social responsibility through our actions and measure and monitor our delivery of social value. At Stone we have invested in a social value calculator that streamlines, captures and showcase the social value generated from your engagement and our commitment to corporate social responsibility.
We can measure our impact for customers or communities whether this is using local suppliers, training apprenticeships, fundraising through our charity committee, volunteering, or recycling through our 360 App enabling and provide bespoke reporting.

Social ValueSocial Value

Working in Collaboration

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