WiFi for Business

There have been powerful advances in wireless networking that enable the delivery of future-proof solutions. Organisations require seamless connectivity throughout their computing systems therefore it’s imperative that organisations have a wireless network that can adapt to our evolving workspaces and facilitate growth with a hybrid way of working.

WiFi Solutions for your Needs

With many next-gen wireless systems to choose from, our industry-leading partners always have something fresh to offer. We take the time to understand what you need from a wireless network to ensure you are connected with the right vendor. This will enable you to realise your vision with a solution that works for you.

Wireless Networking from Stone Group

With wireless offerings from Stone, you get a high-speed, scalable solution tailored to your requirements. Our trusted partners work closely with us to deliver innovative and efficient wireless solutions for organisations in all industries.

  • First and foremost, we listen to you. The foundation of our work is understanding your needs in order to advise on a solution that balances cost efficiency with functionality.
  • Stone Group handles design, installation, configuration and support for your wireless network.
  • Facilitate your mobile vision for business-owned devices, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and guest network capabilities.
  • Future-proof your organisation with cutting-edge 802.11x Wifi 6 Wireless Access Points.
  • Meraki - Cloud Managed wireless provides an infinitely scalable solution from a small local business to a nationwide franchise.
  • Cost of ownership - up to 10 years' support.

Discover our diverse solutions for bringing your wireless vision to life by exploring our wireless products. You can also browse our value-added solutions like Cisco Umbrella.

WiFi solutions now are much more than just connectivity of devices to your network.  There are many features and functions that enhance the user experience, making a WiFi solution a far more productive one;

Faster WiFi - Wi-Fi 6 is the new version, also known as 802.11ax, with upto 40% speed increases from previous generations

Density control – For areas where there is a large aggregation of devices - such as a school hall, WiFi 6 incorporates many new technologies to improve each user’s average speed.

Longer battery life for devices - A new “target wake time” (TWT) feature means your smartphone, laptop, and other Wi-Fi-enabled devices should have longer battery life.

Why Choose Stone Group?

With many providers of business wireless networking solutions to choose from, we believe we have a number of key attributes that set us apart.

  • We have trusted partnerships with the most prominent names in wireless networking, such as Cisco Meraki.
  • We have experience of delivering in small rural primary school settings, through to large multi-site, multi-tenanted government organisations.  Our larger installations have 1000’s of access points run from a single central cloud based console.
  • We have more than 25 years of industry-leading experience, so our expertise is unparalleled.
  • We take a highly personal approach. Our dedicated, qualified staff will take the time to understand your needs to ensure you find the right solution. As a Cisco premier partner we continually invest in our staff to ensure that they have the latest accreditations and knowledge to benefit our clients.

What makes good business WiFi?

A high-quality business WiFi solution will always cover the following bases:

Symmetrical - upload speeds should be equal to download speeds, enabling rapid file sharing and flawless video calls at all times.
Transparent pricing - you should never be left wondering about the cost of a solution. All our clients can see our pricing so they can feel confident they are getting the same deal as everyone else.
Fast delivery - our partners provide rapid delivery of their solutions to ensure you are up and running as swiftly as possible.
Ease of Management – Central platforms allow IT administrators to manage their entire estate through a single cloud based console, removing the burden of having local engineers and increasing the visibility and effectiveness of your critical service.

A complete office solution

With a managed WiFi service, you can improve both customer loyalty and employee productivity with robust, powerful WiFi capabilities in your organisation.

With innovative LAN and WAN networking systems in place, you can simplify the delivery of bandwidth-intensive applications throughout your business.

All your desktop and mobile devices will enjoy unified communications. This means video calling/conferencing, messaging, and screen and file sharing for optimised collaboration and communication, no matter where your employees are.


Get Started

There is a lot to learn about the wide range of wireless networking systems we offer, and our friendly team is waiting to hear from you.

Get the ball rolling by contacting one of our experts and we will speak with you about your needs and some of the solutions available that might be of use to you.