Push your gameplay to extremes with the 152Hz refresh in 4K UHD and put your eSports skills to the test with NVIDIA Reflex Latency Analyzer. The NVIDIA G-SYNC-powered TUV Eyesafe certified panel also incorporates the latest in eyecare via VisionCare 3.0 so you can play longer.
  • Going all out
  • Agile-splendor IPS
  • Made to game
  • Fast enough
  • Be flexible
  • Rich connectivity
  • It's ok to stare
  • Predator GameView
Going all out Are you ready to reign at the top over the competition? A 152Hz refresh with 1 ms GtG response - in pixel-perfect 4K UHD - puts you amongst the elite few. Take your frames to a new realm where gaming is forever tear-free and ghosting is just a memory. Agile-splendor IPS Few displays can match the speed of this display. Using fast crystal liquid technology, the panel can achieve fast response times while maintaining a high color gamut so all the on-screen action comes through nice and smooth - with almost no ghosting or color banding. Made to game NVIDIA G-SYNC displays are rigorously tested for the highest standards. Smooth, tear-free immersion. Game-changing technology. And the highest refresh rates for unbeatable performance. Every game. Every time. Everywhere. Fast enough Want to be at the top of the competitive ladder? Use NVIDIA 's Reflex Latency Analyzer to measure exactly how long it takes for your click to register on screen. Finally, a way to accurately measure the bond, or lack thereof, between mouse, PC and your display is all yours. Be flexible Good form, better function. Ergonomically-designed for tilt, swivel, pivot and height adjustment. Rich connectivity Whether you're hooking up to PC or console, there's a port for every occasion! Make use of two HDMI 2.0B, DisplayPort, or the plentiful USB connections at your disposal. It's ok to stare You only have one pair of eyes - so let's treat them right. With VisionCare - as well as Flickerless and BlueLightShield Pro, you can go on and gaze at neon-lit landscapes, warp through color-rich space anomalies, or watch in awe as explosions light up the room around you. Acer will make sure eyestrain is minimized every step of the way. Predator GameView Predator GameView provides a number of useful features, such as setting the level of dark boost, making precise color adjustments and more. It also includes preset modes designed around specific game genres so that those games run and look as good as intended.