The AddOn SFP (mini-GBIC) transceiver module is a high-performance network component designed for seamless integration into Gigabit Ethernet environments. Offering a robust solution for extending network connections, this wired connectivity technology supports data transfer rates of 1 Gbps over copper cables, with a maximum transfer distance of 100 m. It features a single RJ-45 connector, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices and networks. Engineered to operate within a broad temperature range, from 0 °C to 70 °C, and equipped with ESD Protector and low EMI features, it ensures reliable performance under various conditions. Compliance with standards such as INF-8074, Lead-Free, MSA, and RoHS, along with TAA compliance, underscores its commitment to quality and safety. Whether upgrading an existing network or setting up a new one, the AddOn transceiver module offers a dependable solution for high-speed data transmission.