AB168 is a 48 kHz portable remote AudioRack for use with Qu, Avantis and SQ mixers, and with the AHM-64 audio matrix processor.¦Featuring 16 mic preamps with Phantom Power indicators and 8 XLR line outs, AB168 runs on Allen and Heath's proprietary dSNAKE protocol.¦Adding an AB168 to a compatible system allows some or all I/O to be positioned up to 100 m from the mixer. The unit connects over a single Cat5 cable to the mixer or AR2412 AudioRack via a secure dSNAKE EtherCon port. A second EtherCon port is provided for daisy-chaining to another AB168 box or connection of a ME personal mixing system. AB168 auto updates its firmware to synchronize with the system.¦The rack's rugged design, including rubber bumpers, renders it highly roadworthy and allows it to be placed on the stage floor during performances. Weighing light and featuring a sturdy carry handle, AB168 is also designed for maximum convenience and portability.
  • 16 mic preamps
  • 8 XLR line outs
  • Expander port for daisy-chaining of 2 AB168 expanders or connection ME personal mixers
  • Rubber bumpers
  • Carry handle