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We are absolutely delighted to announce that Stone 360 has been named the winner of Best Design / UX in the UK App Awards 2020!

Our brand new IT recycling app has won it’s first award, with amazing comments from the judging panel, summarizing:

“The winner showed a really solid process, and you can tell the app has been built with passion. It is very user friendly and intuitive.”

Stone 360 app has been designed to streamline IT lifecycle management for organisations, whilst helping to tackle the rapidly rising problem of e-waste.

Users can simply open up the app to arrange a secure recycling collection that prevents tech ending up in landfill. Every collection earns them rewards points, which they can choose to claim as fair market value rebates, or boost them by 20% if they choose to spend them on our range of bespoke tech solutions.

The app is easy-to-use and completely free, putting the power of green technology in users hands.

We are over the moon that Stone 360 has already won an award at barely 2 weeks old, and we are so thankful to our friends at Rantmedia for all their hard work in making the app possible.

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