Comfortable, wired gaming mouse with durable switches, 10 buttons, RGB and G-Menu.
  • NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer
  • 80 m clicks
  • DPI button
  • On the flight DPI switch/sniper button
  • Pixart 3389 gaming sensor with 16.000 DPI resolution
  • Optical sensor
  • Comfortable UV coating
  • Anti-slip rubber base
NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer enables you to monitor and minimize total system latency by letting you control each component. Thanks to its precise responsiveness and player control, you can pinpoint bottlenecks and make sure that you compete at the lowest latency possible. 80 m clicks Your enemies won't wait for you to make your move. That's why it's crucial to have a mouse that directly converts your motions into actions. This mouse comes with switches by Kailh, that not only offer exceptional click sense and response speed, but also durability, being rated 80 m clicks. DPI button The DPI button lets you manually switch between four different DPI settings on the fly and choose the right speed for any given game and playstyle. On the flight DPI switch/sniper button The sniper button is easily accessible with your thumb in addition to the other moddable buttons. In combat, sniper button enables you to drop down your DPI 400 allowing you to take accurate sniper shots on the fly. This fully customizable button is perfect for pixel-perfect sniping. Pixart 3389 gaming sensor with 16.000 DPI resolution Equipped with a Pixart PMW3389 high end sensor with 16.000 true DPI, this mouse translates even the slightest movement of your hand into a precise, winning action in every game. Optical sensor The Pixart 3325 optical gaming sensor with 5000 DPI, a tracking speed of 100 IPS and an acceleration of 20G is the ultimate tool for precision. Your inputs will be translated onto the screen accurately and as rapidly as possible. Comfortable UV coating The skin-friendly process matte UV curable protective coating gives you easy access to all buttons, enabling you to always perform at your best. Its special design makes it fit seamlessly into your existing build while ensuring comfortable touch. The UV coating is durable, while being comfortable to clients. Anti-slip rubber base Why should you equip yourself only with the best items around, when being inside the game, but make compromises for your setup? This mouse has an anti-slip rubber base, that ensures that no win will ever slip through your fingers.