Advanced durability technology reinforces your cable inside and out to deliver a strong cable. This cable is designed with a leather strap for cable management. Staying neatly stored and tangle-free in a pocket or bag, it is ideal to take anywhere for a power boost when you need it most.
  • The power of aramid
  • Strengthened outer jacket
  • Flexible insulation
The power of aramid This super-strong material is used to reinforce protective clothing, and strengthen products, like tennis racquets and surfboards. Its ability to strengthen and flex without stretching makes aramid perfect for cables where the fibers provide a protective structure for the wires inside. Strengthened outer jacket Belkin starts with a hard-wearing nylon that resists damage from everything from being thrown in a bag to rubbing against your nightstand. This nylon is double braided, a technique used in rope making, to further increase strength and resilience. Flexible insulation Insulation protects the wires and cables from damage as the cable bends and flexes. Some insulation can cause stiffness, affecting the overall suppleness of the cable. The highly flexible insulation within this cable minimizes friction, allowing it to bend easily while protecting the wires within from damage.