Protect your iPhone with a strengthened TemperedGlass screen protector. Engineered from high-quality Japanese glass, this Belkin screen protector absorbs impact while preventing scratches and contains an antimicrobial treatment to prevent discoloration. With a 9H hardness rating, it provides the highest level of scratch protection possible. Plus, it's 0.33 mm thin to preserve screen sensitivity and touch response while remaining crystal clear.
  • Advanced impact protection
  • Superior scratch resistance
  • Ultra-slim design
  • Crystal clear
  • Full-screen coverage
Advanced impact protection Protect your iPhone with slim, high-quality Japanese tempered glass tested and proven to provide a superior level of edge-to-edge protection against drops, impacts, and other daily wear and tear. Superior scratch resistance Proven to carry a hardness rating of 9H after rigorous testing, this ScreenForce TemperedGlass screen protector provides your iPhone with the highest level of scratch protection available. Ultra-slim design TemperedGlass boasts a super-thin design of just 0.33 mm thin to ensure a flawless tactile response; this means touchscreen sensitivity is never compromised! Crystal clear Extend the lifetime of your screen protector, as the glass contains an antimicrobial treatment to prevent discoloration. Plus, your screen's resolution and color are projected accurately through the tempered glass screen protector. Full-screen coverage 2.5D edges are compatible with most iPhone cases and keep your entire phone screen protected without compromising touch sensitivity or visual clarity. Your phone's screen remains covered even when dropped on its edge.