BenQ TK860 - DLP projector - 3D
  • Behold cinematic details in bright rooms
  • Leading local contrast enhancement
  • Dynamic Black technology
  • Exclusive color temperature tuning
  • 24P playback support
  • Motion enhancer
  • Indulge in immersive sound
  • Universal connectivity
  • Vertical lens shift
  • Aligned 2D keystone
  • Projection distance
Behold cinematic details in bright rooms In pursuit of perfect picture quality, pioneering BenQ HDR-PRO technology overcomes brightness constraints to provide authentic HDR performance. Leading local contrast enhancement Dividing images into 1,000+ zones, Local Contrast Enhancer analyzes each segment's brightness and adjusts gamma independently for greater dark and bright detail definition and enriched 4K image depth. Dynamic Black technology Through the use of Active Iris and Dynamic Black technology, BenQ cinema-optimized Enhanced Tone Mapping increases contrast to preserve details in dark areas of projected images. Exclusive color temperature tuning For ultimate color accuracy, BenQ high-end cinema projectors provide advanced color temperature tuning with 11 leading levels of white balance controls between high to low brightness, enabling content fanatics to adjust the most accurate mid-tone colors. 24P playback support Most movies are shot at 24 frames per second (fps). In order to display movies exactly as directors intended, TK860 supports 24P playback of high-definition sources at 24 fps without judder in HDR mode to preserve the purity of the original image. Motion enhancer Inserting 36 interpolated frames between sequences to produce seamless, vivid 60 frames-per-second videos, Motion Enhancer eliminates laggy images, jittery playback, and blurry shadows. Indulge in immersive sound TK860's treVolo 5 W x 2 chambered speakers employ acoustic and psychoacoustic sciences for deep bass and soaring highs, also providing exclusive EQ algorithms used by Hollywood studios for pure clarity and sensual sound quality. Universal connectivity TK860 connects you to all kinds of entertainment with universal ports including three HDMI, SPDIF, and eARC for 7.1 channel and Dolby Atmos audio pass through, transmitting original full-resolution audio signals to your sound system via one HDMI cable. Vertical lens shift Vertical lens shift provides 10% physical movement range for perfectly straight-edged images without loss of resolution, allowing more flexible installation and placement options. Aligned 2D keystone Countering the trapezoid effect from off-center projector placement such as a tabletop, the auto vertical and manual horizontal keystone provides professionally squared images from a variety of locations. Projection distance 1.3x zoom maximizes available space with a range of throw distances for big-screen entertainment without the hassle of complicated installation.