BirdDog OG4 is the good NDI openGear card. OG4 features four independently configurable 12G SDI inputs and outputs. Full dashboard support is included along with SFP+ port for 10GbE connectivity. A true OG.
  • openGear oGx frame compatible
  • Professional cooling, professional power
  • Independent channel control
openGear oGx frame compatible OG4 is fully compatible with the 4th generation of the openGear platform, oGx. openGear is an open-architecture and modular 2RU rack frame system that allows for OG's from various manufacturers to live together in the same frame in total harmony. Professional cooling, professional power openGear frames include integrated cooling fans to provide maximum cooling for all cards and can be configured with dual, redundant power supplies for maximum reliability and uptime. Independent channel control Each channel has independent control of frame rates and resolutions so you can mix and match. Set channel 1 to 4Kp60 and channel 2 to 1080i50.