The CHERRY MC 9620 FPS is the ultimate gaming mouse for your individual needs. With nine configurable buttons, an optical PixArt sensor with a resolution of up to 12,000 dpi and RGB lighting of over 16 million colors make every gamer's heart beat faster. The ergonomic gaming mouse comes with three insertable 5-gram weights and has a five-step extendable hand contact surface that can be individually adjusted to your hand size and your feel-good position. No matter how long and intense the next game will be - with the CHERRY MC 9620 FPS you have time to breathe. Step up your game!
  • Flexible, customizable gaming mouse with 9 buttons
  • Simultaneous analog and digital signal processing for versatile controller like functions
  • Ergonomic and fits every hand size thanks to the palm rest that can be extended in 5 stages
  • Extra-large Teflon glide pads for especially smooth and stable mouse movements
  • Complete color spectrum - can be illuminated in 16.8 million colors (RGB) with many different illumination effects and logo projection
  • Durable quality thanks to high-quality materials and surfaces as well as textile cable and side grip surfaces
Ergonomic features for long-lasting gaming sessions The CHERRY MC 9620 FPS not only impresses visually with its progressive and high-quality appearance, but it also thinks outside the box: Thanks to its extendable hand contact surface, the gaming mouse can be adjusted in five stages and thus ergonomically adapts to any hand size. Its symmetrical design allows both right and left-handed users to work optimally with it. Another plus point is the three weights that can be inserted as you prefer to enhance the feel of the game. As the cherry on top, the ergonomic gaming mouse is equipped with extra-large glide pads on the underside. These are coated with Teflon and ensure smooth movement. Textured side surfaces and a silicone-coated scroll wheel ensure that your fingers do not slip accidentally in the heat of battle. PixArt optical sensor: resolution up to 12,000 dpi In addition to its ergonomic benefits, the CHERRY MC 9620 FPS also comes with excellent hardware. The optical PixArt sensor allows you to set the customizable gaming mouse to a maximum of 12,000 dpi. The sensor supports a maximum acceleration of 250 ips/50 g, which means the ergonomic gaming mouse always ensures lightning-fast responsiveness. Adjustable gaming mouse with dedicated thumb button The thumb button of the CHERRY MC 9620 FPS contains an optical analog sensor that mimics the function of a trigger on console controllers. As a result, you feel like you're playing with a controller. This allows you to fine-tune control of critical functions, such as sniping in FPS games or speed acceleration in racing games. The remaining mouse buttons feature robust and durable OMRON switches. With a total of nine freely configurable buttons, the ergonomic mouse gives you enough freedom in gaming sessions to program them the way you like. Smart RGB lighting effects and logo projection To enhance your visual gaming experience, various parts of the MC 9620 FPS are provided with impressive RGB lighting, such as the lower side panels, the scroll wheel and the CHERRY button. You have more than 16 million RGB colors or special lighting effects. To round it off, the ergonomic gaming mouse also projects the CHERRY logo from the wrist rest onto the desktop surface, highlighting the exclusive and high-quality appearance of the MC 9620 FPS.