The Meraki MV2, part of the MV smart camera family, brings physical security and advanced analytics together in a flexible, compact form factor. Easy to install and simple to use, MV2 provides rich analytics and smart security for a variety of indoor applications.¦MV2 brings enterprise-grade physical security almost anywhere. A unique hinge, flexible mounting options, wireless capability, USB-C power, and a mobile onboarding flow enable a seamless, DIY installation experience. Onboard processing power and cloud management, eliminate infrastructure and software requirements, and simplify configuration and viewing.¦MV2 makes it easy to stay on top of what's going on. Securely view video locally or remotely, in-browser or on an app, from virtually any device. Intelligent alerts keep you up-to-date on activity even when no one is watching. Adding the optional Cloud Archive license for cloud video storage gives you access to historical video, so you can use smart search tools to quickly investigate events and export or share video clips.¦MV2 uses machine-learning-based computer vision for real-time object detection, classification, and tracking of people with no heavy-duty servers or hardware required. This data can increase safety and provide useful insights that lay the foundation for more effective and efficient processes like journey pathing and safer working practices. These smart cameras enable physical security and business intelligence, all in a refreshingly simple package.