The MAX Series features exclusive Cooler Master components uniquely tailored to each other. MAX systems are Cooler Master's ready-to-go solution for PC enthusiasts who are looking to max out their PC performance. Each MAX product is pre-installed and pre-routed with tailor-made thermal and power delivery solutions, allowing users to enjoy a user-friendly, luxurious build experience with minimal time investment.
  • Cooler Master's expertise at its finest
  • SFF building refined
  • Luxurious, out-of-the-box solution
Cooler Master's expertise at its finest NR200P MAX is a masterpiece integrating Cooler Master's expertise in the thermal, power delivery and mechanical design, designed for unstoppable performance and capable of satisfying the most power-hungry systems. SFF building refined Get a head start in building your SFF PC! The NR200P MAX takes the difficulty and hassle of cable management out of small form factor PC building. Luxurious, out-of-the-box solution A time efficient, ready-made solution for PC enthusiasts who place utmost value on their PC performance. NR200P MAX saves users from hours upon hours of tedious research with guaranteed hardware compatibility.