Cooler Master has built upon the classic MasterLiquid L Series to present a redesigned and improved release of the MasterLiquid 240L Core ARGB. Featuring many design elements that bring a classic minimalist look to the series, the MasterLiquid 240L Core ARGB represents Cooler Master's ongoing innovative spirit.
  • Next Gen S Dual Chamber Pump
  • Expanded radiator surface
  • 120 mm ARGB fans
  • Clean classic design
  • CryoFuze performance thermal paste
Gen S Dual Chamber Pump Redesigned copper base targets heat spots with precision along with boosted water flow and pressure for enhanced cooling performance. Expanded radiator surface Expanded radiator fin surface accelerates heat dissipation for superior cooling. 120 mm ARGB fans Upgraded 120 mm ARGB fans deliver optimal radiator performance and versatile lighting options. CryoFuze thermal paste Includes premium CryoFuze thermal paste for exceptional heat conductivity. Clean classic design Clean minimalist design brings a refreshed modern facelift to the pump cover.