Multi-gig PoE switches designed specifically for modern workloads and to increase employee efficiency.
  • Modernize campus network architectures
  • Leverage familiar tools and practices
  • Deploy with confidence at any scale
Modernize campus network architectures Modernize campus network architectures with a power-efficient and resilient 1/2.5/25GbE switching solution with 802.3bt Type-3 (60W) Power over Ethernet. PoE ports can deliver clean power to network devices such as wireless access points (APs), Voiceover-IP (VoIP) handsets, video conferencing systems, security cameras, LED luminaries and many more. For greater interoperability in multivendor networks, N2200 switches offer the latest open-standard protocols. Leverage familiar tools and practices All N-Series switches include Dell EMC Networking OS6, designed for easier deployment, greater interoperability and a lower learning curve for network administrators. One common command line interface (CLI) and graphic user interface (GUI) using a well-known command language gets skilled network administrators productive quickly. With USB auto-configuration, network administrators can rapidly deploy mirrored configurations to numerous devices by simply inserting a USB key. N2200-ON switches also support the Open Network Install Environment (ONIE), enabling installation of alternate network operating systems. Deploy with confidence at any scale N2200-ON series switches help create performance assurance with a data rate up to 600Gbps (full duplex) and a forwarding rate up to 833Mpps. Scale easily with built-in rear stacking ports. Switch stacks of up to 624 1/2.5/25GbE ports can be managed from a single screen using the highly-available stacking architecture for high-density aggregation with seamless redundant availability.