SPL|Dell Precision 3260 CFF|TPM|i7-13700|16GB|512GB SSD|Nvidia T400|PSU|vPro|Kb|Mouse|W11 Pro|3Y Basic Onsite.
  • Power to the creators
  • Intelligent privacy anywhere
  • Extended power
  • Enhanced audio
  • Faster sign-in
  • Unmatched connectivity
  • Improved performance
  • Simplified manageability
Power to the creators Dell Optimizer for Precision empowers high-end users with ExpressResponse for performance optimization of storage heavy apps. If you Intelligent privacy anywhere Privacy and security are a major concern - help keep sensitive data private with the world Extended power ExpressCharge analyzes your power usage habits to improve PC battery utilization. It extends run times and charges your system faster when you need a boost in power. Enhanced audio Intelligent Audio delivers audio and mic enhancements and reduces background noise so you can fully engage in meetings with confidence, wherever you collaborate. Neural noise cancellation enables advanced artificial intelligent techniques to distinguish human speech from any unwanted noise. Faster sign-in Get to work faster with ExpressSignin - the proximity sensor detects your presence to wake on approach before Windows Hello logs you in via facial recognition. Unmatched connectivity Optimized for the best connectivity, ExpressConnect provides the world Improved performance ExpressResponse analyzes how you use your preferred apps to boost performance. Simplified manageability Elevate work experience with an easy-to-manage application that provides a seamless experience for both end-users and IT decision makers. Set up individual features and modules from Dell Optimizer that fit your work environment with the modular installation feature. Deployment updates and optimization of multiple PCs remotely can be done simultaneously via centralized management.