The DICOTA notebook privacy filter is a high-quality computer security product designed to protect your information and your eyes. Ideal for 15" screens, this filter offers bidirectional privacy protection, limiting the viewing angle to +/- 30 °, ensuring that your data stays private. It's not just about privacy; the filter also reduces 45% of blue light, reducing eye strain and making it perfect for long hours of work or play. The scratch-resistant, 3H hard-coated surface is built to last, while the fingerprint-proof and anti-reflective features maintain your screen's clarity and cleanliness. Installation is a breeze with its bubble-free application, and the touchscreen design means you won't have to sacrifice functionality for protection. Whether you're at the office, in a café, or traveling, the DICOTA privacy filter keeps your information secure and your eyes comfortable.
  • bidirectional privacy protection with a limited viewing angle of +/- 30 °
  • 45% blue light reduction to minimize eye strain
  • Scratch-resistant and 3H hard-coating for durability
  • Touchscreen capable for uninterrupted screen interaction
  • Removable and semi-permanent application options
Enhanced privacy With its bidirectional privacy protection, the DICOTA notebook privacy filter ensures your data remains confidential, offering a limited viewing angle of +/- 30 ° to keep sensitive information protected from prying eyes. Durable design Crafted with a 3H hard-coating, scratch-resistant surface, and a PET material, this privacy filter is designed to withstand everyday wear and tear, ensuring your screen stays protected. Vision care Featuring a 45% blue light reduction technology, the filter not only protects your privacy but also reduces eye strain, making it ideal for prolonged use. Seamless usability Thanks to its touchscreen design, bubble-free installation, and fingerprint-proof finish, the DICOTA privacy filter offers a user-friendly experience without compromising on screen clarity or functionality. Flexible application The adhesive silicone layer back allows for both removable and semi-permanent applications, providing versatility to meet your changing privacy needs.