Discover the Epson T49H2, a high-capacity ink refill designed to meet your printing needs. With a 140 ml capacity, this genuine Epson product ensures you can print more and replace less, making it perfect for both busy offices and home use. Utilizing advanced ink-jet technology, it delivers consistently sharp and vivid prints, whether you're printing documents or photos. As an original Epson consumable, it not only offers reliability but also helps maintain the longevity and performance of your printer. Choose the Epson T49H2 for a seamless printing experience.
  • 140 ml capacity for extended use
  • Ink-jet technology for sharp, vivid prints
  • Original Epson consumable ensures reliability
  • Suitable for a wide range of printing needs
  • Maintains printer longevity and performance
Efficient capacity With a generous 140 ml capacity, this ink refill ensures prolonged printing sessions without the need for frequent replacements, making it an ideal choice for both home and office use. High-quality printing Leveraging advanced ink-jet technology, the Epson T49H2 ink refill produces sharp, vivid prints every time. Whether it's important documents or high-quality photos, expect exceptional clarity and color accuracy. Genuine Epson product As an original Epson consumable, this ink refill ensures compatibility and reliability with your Epson ink-jet printer, ensuring smooth operation and maintaining the printer's longevity.