Safeguard Chromebooks with the latest protective case features. Designed to reduce pressure on delicate device screens, the Extreme Shell-F Slide Case delivers rugged, durable protection. An innovative custom-fit design, a continuous lip around the top case easily slides on, dispersing pressure evenly around the entire perimeter, for a snug fit that eliminates pressure hotspots around the screen. Layered bumpers maximize protection with soft, shock-absorbing TPU next to the device and an outer covering of rugged scratch-, dirt- and oil-resistant TPE. The sleek overhang corners add protection without added bulk, while the clear, rigid top and bottom panels prevent exterior damage and provide maximum visibility for stickers and asset tags. The custom fit ensures easy access to all buttons and ports.
Advanced screen protection Patent-pending slide top eliminates pressure hotspots around the delicate device screen. Enhanced drop defense Two-layer bumper design adds toughness: Soft inner TPU layer absorbs shock vibrations; Tough exterior TPE resists scratches, dirt and oils. Fortified corners Overhang design doubles the protection for vulnerable corners when device is closed. Completely-clear back Clear rigid top/bottom panels protect and allow for maximum asset tag visibility and placement options. Perfect-fit design Custom-fit for each device ensures full functionality and port access. Fully flexible Unique design enables full 360-degree functionality for 2:1 devices.