The HS329PQB is an LCD monitor designed for both office and home use. This elegant monitor offers an edge-to-edge frameless bezel and metallic stand complimenting the ultra-slim profile, sleek design. This monitor offers superior performance with ultra-wide viewing angles.
  • Multi-display panoramic view
  • High resolution
  • Vivid images, lifelike visuals
  • Extensive connectivity
Multi-display panoramic view The perfect solution for graphic design, professional applications, gaming and much more. The elegant design of this monitor with its ultra-narrow bezel makes it ideal for multi-display setups to deliver an almost seamless panoramic view from two or three monitors. High resolution The HS329PQB offers superior picture quality and sharp images. You can enjoy more work space. Vivid images, lifelike visuals Enjoy quality visuals from any direction and an extra comfortable viewing experience. The HS329PQB has an active contrast technology which is designed to deliver both unrivaled clarity and impressive true color. Extensive connectivity The HS329PQB features a triple-input interface providing extensive, flexible connectivity to both digital and analog hardware.