Aruba Wireless Asset Tracking Beacons (or 'tags') are a key component of the Aruba Location Services product line and asset tracking solution. When used in conjunction with the Aruba Meridian platform, they enable businesses to track valuable physical assets throughout their organizations - indoor and outdoor. Based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, also known as Bluetooth 4.0, Aruba Tags provide location data for each tagged asset within the range of BLE-enabled access points. By leveraging an organizations BLE-enabled Wi-Fi network, Aruba Tags do not require a dedicated network of readers or observers.
  • Aruba Wireless Asset Tracking Beacons are supported by a large set of Aruba Access Points.
  • Aruba Wireless Asset Tracking Beacons can be integrated into your apps using Aruba Meridian AppMaker, an easy app creation tool for both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Aruba Wireless Asset Tracking Beacons reduce the time staff spends looking for valuable assets when they need them.
Solution Does Not Require Separate Network of Tag Readers or Observers Asset Tracking is designed to scale to track 1000s of assets. Mobile Developer Toolkit Available with a Rich, Growing Ecosystem Leverage existing ecosystem partners that have experience building customer-facing mobile apps. Asset Tracking Can Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs Quickly find equpiment when it is due for maintenance or calibration.