Are you struggling to extract business value from the massive amounts of data produced in a plant, branch office, retail outlet, or Internet-of-Things (IoT) edge? Is business agility affected because it's too slow, expensive or risky to send information from the edge to a data center or cloud for later analysis? The HPE Edgeline EL1000 Converged Edge System is an industry first, integrating unprecedented levels of edge compute, precision data capture and control, data center-class security, device and systems management, as well as large and blazingly fast storage capabilities – in one converged box. This rugged and compact system is designed to perform in harsher edge environments with higher shock, vibration and temperature levels. It is perfect for expanding your IoT infrastructure beyond traditional data center confines and can also help break cloud vendor lock-in to enable true edge computing. This is achieved through three points of convergence in one box.