Do you require a high-performance Citrix Mobile Workspace in a dense form factor while utilizing minimal data center rack space? The HPE Moonshot System with the HPE ProLiant m700p Server Cartridges offers up to 30% increased performance over the HPE ProLiant m700 Server Cartridge, while maintaining the security and compliance of centralizing desktops, data, and applications in the data center. The HPE Moonshot system supports up to 45 HPE ProLiant m700p Server Cartridges per chassis while cost-effectively delivering 180 desktops for Citrix Xen Desktop environments. With four AMD Opteron X2170 APU (accelerated processing units) per server the m700p Server Cartridge delivers up to 16 cores on each cartridge with up to 720 processor cores/chassis along with fully-integrated graphics processing to enhance productivity.