Do you need to simplify data segregation? HPE OS Boot Devices offer enterprise customers turnkey, resilient boot solutions that easily segregate the OS from the data storage plane in today's popular OS for virtualized environments-VMware , Linux , Windows . HPE NS204i-u is a universal installation hot plug OS boot device that includes two 480 GB M.2 NVMe SSDs. The universal installation removes the need for cables and backplanes. This device no longer takes up a PCIe slot, and auto-creates RAID 1 volume.  HPE NS204i-p and NS204i-d NVMe OS Boot Devices are self-contained boot solutions in simple, pre-configured PCIe cards and HPE Synergy Option requires no GUI or user setup. These plug-and-play OS boot devices include two 480 GB M.2 SSDs, enabling customers to mirror OS through hardware RAID 1. Based on NVMe technology, HPE NS204i-p and NS204i-d NVMe OS Boot Devices deliver up to 4x faster read capability than legacy SATA boot solutions.
  • The HPE Flash Media Kits for USB Drive/Keys supports virtualized environments across HPE ProLiant portfolio (8 GB only).
HPE Qualified Options Meet High Reliability and Performance Demands HPE tests and qualifies these devices according to stringent guidelines with strict revision control on the controllers and actual Flash memory. This ensures upmost reliability and performance within HPE customer production environment.