The HPE ProLiant m510 Server Cartridge with the Intel Xeon D processors are here! Intel Xeon processors bring performance and advanced intelligence into a dense, lower-power system-on-a-chip. With enhanced reliability, availability, serviceability features, platform storage extensions, and built-in hardware virtualization, the Intel Xeon processor D product family D-1548 and D-1587 offer new options for optimizing a variety of workloads. The ProLiant m510 Server is helping Hewlett Packard Enterprise lead in the move from the data center to the edge and enabling a new wave of technologies that have not been possible before – things like machine learning at the edge, automated maintenance records and augmented maintenance support technologies. There is value to processing these data streams real-time, gaining insight and the ability to act upon that insight long before the data transmitted to and stored for batch analysis at a datacenter or cloud.