Are you searching for an affordable tower server with enterprise-class reliability and performance to meet the requirements of your growing business?¦The HPE ProLiant ML110 Gen11 server is an enhanced single processor tower with performance, expansion, and security at an affordable price.
  • Advanced data transfer rates from the PCIe Gen5 serial expansion bus
  • Supports hot-pluggable, high-availability, RAID1 protected M.2 NVMe boot option
Intuitive cloud operating experience: simple, unified, and automated HPE ProLiant ML110 Gen11 servers are engineered for your hybrid world. HPE ProLiant Gen11 servers simplify the way you control your business's compute - from edge to cloud - with a cloud operating experience. Transform business operations and pivot your team from reactive to proactive with global visibility and insight through a single console. Automate tasks for efficiency in deployment, instant scalability, and seamless, simplified support and lifecycle management, effectively reducing tasks and shortening maintenance windows. These experiences are engineered and built into HPE ProLiant Gen11 servers, whether purchased as physical servers or consume as-a-service using HPE GreenLake as your compute and storage demands grow. Trusted security by design: uncompromising, fundamental, and protected HPE ProLiant ML110 Gen11 server uses the silicon root of trust to anchor the firmware of an HPE ASIC, creating an immutable fingerprint for the Intel processor that must be matched exactly before the server will boot. This verifies that malicious code is contained, and healthy servers are protected. HPE ProLiant Gen11 servers continuously protect healthy servers at the edge by providing rapid detection of security-compromised servers, even to the point of not allowing them to boot if it identifies and contains malicious code, with IDevID certificates installed by default. HPE ProLiant Gen11 servers provide automated recovery from a security event, including restoration of validated firmware, and facilitating recovery of the operating system, application, data connections, and providing a fast path to bring a server back online and into normal operations. From silicon to software, from factory to cloud, and from generation to generation, HPE ProLiant Gen11 is engineered with a fundamental security approach to defend against increasingly complex threats through an uncompromising commitment to constant security advancements that are built into HPE's DNA.