Control the game with the Gold Phoenix GB2590HSU with a refresh rate of 240 Hz.¦The Gold Phoenix monitor is an excellent choice if you want to realize your full potential in gaming. Equipped with advanced technologies, including FreeSync Premium, Gold Phoenix offers a 240 Hz refresh rate and a stunning 0.4 ms MPRT response time, so your hardware will never let you down.
  • 240 Hz and 0.4 ms MPRT
  • FreeSync Premium Technology
  • Black Tuner
  • Predefined and custom game modes
  • Speakers and headphone output
240 Hz and 0.4 ms MPRT The 240 Hz Fast IPS technology panel provides high fidelity image reproduction, exceptionally accurate color reproduction and vivid battle scenes. At the same time, it delivers a stunning moving picture response time (MPRT) of 0.4 ms. FreeSync Premium Technology This monitor provides lag reduction and supports Low Framerate Compensation (LFC) technology to eliminate any stuttering or tearing problems at virtually any frame rate. Black Tuner The Black Tuner feature allows you to adjust the brightness and adjust the black level to your preference. Predefined and custom game modes Decide for yourself! Choose one of the predefined game modes (min. FPS and strategy) or select and save your favorite image settings yourself. Speakers and headphone output Playing with friends? Use the speakers. Don't want to disturb anyone? Plug in your headphones and turn up the volume.