The ProLite T2234MSC-B1S, with integrated edge-to-edge glass bezel, uses 10-point Projective Capacitive touch technology. Equipped with IPS technology, it offers exceptional color reproduction and wide viewing angles, making it an ideal display for use with digital signage, kiosk integrators, in-store retail, gaming or interactive presentations. In addition to excellent image quality, the monitor is IP65-rated, meaning it is dust and water resistant, and has Touch-Through-Glass technology for smooth and accurate touch response.
  • Touch through glass
  • Touch technology - capacitive
  • Scratch resistance
  • IP65
  • Anti-fingerprint coating
Touch through glass The screen can be mounted under glass and the touch function will still work seamlessly. This is ideal in places where there is a high risk of screen flooding, such as restaurants. Touch technology - capacitive This technology uses electrical conductivity. Touch is registered because the electrical capacitance changes where your finger touches the glass coating covering the screen. The coating provides not only excellent image quality, but also durability and scratch resistance. Moreover, any scratches on the screen do not affect the touch function. The panel recognizes touches made with a finger (also with a latex glove) or a special stylus. Scratch resistance Scratch resistance is particularly important for touch monitors used in schools and public buildings. The glass coating protects the screen and ensures its durability. In addition, even if the coating is damaged, it has no effect on the touch function. IP65 The IP code classifies devices based on their resistance to foreign objects and water. IP65 means that the monitor can operate in dusty environments and that it is resistant to water jets. Anti-fingerprint coating The special nano-coating ensures a seamless operation and smooth touch. In addition, it makes the screen less susceptible to dirt, dust and fingerprints.