With Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution and accurate 10-point Projective Capacitive touch technology, the ProLite T2252MSC-W2 delivers smooth and accurate touch response. Equipped with IPS LCD technology, it offers exceptional color reproduction and wide viewing angles, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of interactive applications. The flexible stand can be positioned at different angles for comfortable and ergonomic use, and the integrated cable management system hides all cables and electrical cords for a tidy workspace. In addition, edge-to-edge glass and an ultra-thin design create an eye-catching finish. The ProLite T2252MSC-W2 is ideal for interactive signage, retail, point of sale and interactive presentations.
  • Touch technology - capacitive
  • IPS technology
  • Blue light reduction
  • VESA standard
  • Stereo speakers
Touch technology - capacitive This technology uses electrical conductivity. Touch is registered because the electrical capacitance changes where a finger touches the glass coating that covers the screen. The coating provides not only excellent image quality, but also durability and scratch resistance. Moreover, any scratches on the screen do not affect the touch function. The panel recognizes touches made with a finger (also with a latex glove) or a special stylus. IPS technology IPS matrices are appreciated for their wide viewing angles and accurate, natural color reproduction. They will perform especially well where colors play the most important role. Blue light reduction Looking at a screen for several hours a day, especially at close range, tires the eyesight. This happens more with monitors than with TVs. One of the factors responsible for this is the blue light emitted by the screen. Reducing its amount automatically relieves the strain on the eyes. This is what the Blue Light Reduction function is designed to do. VESA standard You can mount the screen on any mounting bracket/arm compatible with the VESA standard. Stereo speakers The monitor is equipped with high-quality stereo speakers.