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Remote Working is a phrase we’ve heard enough this year to know is all about bringing your people, processes, connectivity and technology together, regardless of location. Be this with laptops to help employees adopt flexible working practices, or even desktop PCs, monitors and accessories to curate more permanent remote working environments.

According to statistics, in 2019, only 30% of the UK workforce experienced some form of home working, with less than 18% working from home on a regular basis. This statistic alone shows how unprepared businesses were for this figure to be sent through the roof in 2020, and as a result many businesses were left to provide employees with technology that was available and perhaps not fully fit for purpose.

When you also consider research showing that  nearly three quarters of UK businesses plan to adopt more flexible working practices moving forwards, its clear to see hybrid working is here to stay. So how do you know if your business is making the most out of this new trend, and has the right technologies in place to work done?

Business Flexibility

This has been one of the main benefits that businesses and employees alike have seen to come from COVID-19. Various lockdowns have shown us that with the right technologies in place, many organisations can still run at the same level of efficiency, even when their workforce is working remotely. It has also given millions of previously office-based employees the opportunity to experience the benefits of flexible working, for their personal well-being and workplace productivity.

DID YOU KNOW: Flexible working also benefits businesses, reducing employee absences, saving on costs and improving retention?

Adopting an agile approach

It’s important to have the technology that helps you work with true agility, and that is where Stone Acer can help, by creating a complete workspace and support solution that’s as agile and productive as you are. Combining processing power, portability, and durability, with a range of enterprise-class features and connectivity options, Acer TravelMate devices enable you to work effectively, no matter your location.

But what if a laptop alone isn’t enough to meet your employees needs? Acer also have a range of professional monitors and accessories, including intelligent USB-C docking, that help you transform your Acer laptops into a fully-functioning desktop set up, whether you’re in the office, or working from home.

Above all else, Stone and Acer are here to support your business with reliable, affordable and secure solutions that help you work in confidence and stay connected no matter where you are. We have expert teams to discuss your needs and budget, to deliver a fully rounded solution.

Acer devices and upgrade rewards

With the Acer TravelMate P2 powered by a powerful Intel® Core™ processor it has never been easier to work away from the office. With Intel® features such as built-in intelligent performance that learns and adapts to what you do, and best-in-class connectivity with integrated Intel® Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+), you are getting a machine that delivers remarkable performance, whilst being able to cope with the demands of flexible working environments.

Don’t let your old PCs hold you back. Upgrade to the latest modern Intel® Core™ Processor powered Acer devices and keep your teams productive, connected, and secure, no matter where they are. Plus, you can claim up to £150 cashback* per device when you refresh via the Acer for Business Upgrade Rewards. Whether you want the flexibility of a laptop, or a professional desktop setup, Acer have an impressive range of PCs that empower employees to work, collaborate and connect effectively.

*T&Cs apply – click here.

As a trusted Acer Platinum Partner, Stone are vendor accredited to have the expertise to consult on, supply and configure the complete range of solutions from Acer. We can also help your business stay secure and resilient with our bespoke support packages and value added services such software licensing services, training, Autopilot and more.

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