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The small actions that your organisation can take, will add up to a massive contribution towards achieving Net Zero both on an individual basis and also nationally. 

In the second of our series on Net Zero, we’ve listed some of the simple changes that you can adopt to make a difference. 

How Can You Make Changes to Become More Carbon Neutral

Encourage remote working and web-based communication as standard

  • Switch company vehicles to hybrid wherever possible
  • Gradually enforce recycling as common practice in the office 
      • Even recycling any paper, you use alone can have a massive impact
  • Switch to LED Lighting 
      • LED bulbs use 15 times less electricity than halogen lighting
  • Switch off electrical appliances at the end of the day
      • A really simple swap that can make a big difference to both your emissions and your expenditure 
  • Review the energy usage of your technology
      • Did you know that Laptops can use up to 80% less power than certain desktops
  • Recycle Old IT 
      • At Stone, we can securely recycle your end-of-life IT assets at our accredited, award-winning recycling facility and offer rebates for any equipment that can be given a new life. Find out more.
  • Using sustainable furniture 
      • An easy way to do this is to simply make your office furniture last longer; buy good quality and only replace when necessary

Offset Your Usage 

Some carbon emissions such as essential travel are unavoidable – but you can offset these by: 

  • Planting trees
      • If you have a green space around your office, this is a great and natural way forward 
  • Donating to a carbon off-setting scheme
      • There are many companies that allow your business to contribute to clean energy sourcing

Additional Benefit for Your Organisation

In the last 40 years, energy consumption in British businesses has grown by a third and it’s heating that makes up 32% of the UK’s total carbon emissions. From a comparison of energy use, businesses as a whole are overspending by an incredible £1.6 billion every year – with money this easy to gain back, why wouldn’t you start taking action? Through energy conscious actions you can reduce your operation costs and improve your project margins.

Next Week

Many of your business processes will have to move online in order to best support becoming Net Zero. In our next article, we will look at the technology needed to help you to undertake this digital transformation. 

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