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Last month, Intel® unveiled the all new Purley Platform, featuring a family of 4 powerful Intel® Xeon Scalable processors.

These new Intel® Xeon Scalable range of processors are their highest performance and most versatile processors to date.  The platform will act as a replacement for the existing outdated E5 – E7 series, with the outlook of being specifically designed for today’s evolving data centre and network infrastructure.

Whilst the new Purley Platform will be able to support existing and upcoming data centre and network workloads – cloud computingartificial intelligence and high-performance computing are just some of the innovative areas that Intel® have stated that the processors have been specifically designed to support and advance forwards.

Speaking about the importance of the new Purley platform and why it’s so important for organisations to transition over to the new platform, Rob Elson, Server Product Manager at Stone, explains,

“The advancement in this new technology platform is incredible. It’s the first iteration for a number of years and we’re really excited to be able to offer this as part of our server solutions.

“My advice to any organisation out there would be to ‘Be Early with Purley’ and maximise their investment with the latest and greatest server hardware from Intel’s datacentre.  These systems and solutions are built and supported directly by us, and this leap represents the biggest convention change in many years. The performance features and benefits are leaps and bounds above any previous generation technology.

For anyone looking to or thinking about transitioning over to this new platform get in touch and allow us to accompany you on your journey – ultimately easing the research burden. As the number one supplier, in partnership with Intel®, on the SSSNA framework, you’re in good hands”.

As Rob has explained, the Intel® Xeon Scalable processors will provide businesses with a whole range of significant performance upgrades, allowing for increased support and innovation across the board.

All of these Intel® datacentre technologies can be built into our entire range of server and L9 solutions. Meaning that from pre-defined SKUs to configured, bespoke and cost effective Stone servers, we’re here to help you bring your outdated infrastructure up to the latest standards.

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