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We want to help MATs achieve ICT harmonisation: consistency in levels of ICT service across their estates. Stone Unity offers cloud services which can be accessed by Trust members at a pace set by them. Unity enables Multi-Academy Trusts to harmonise their networks, scale and control the services they run, and provide better security for pupil and staff data.

How it works

From one central service, each Academy in the Trust will have access to the same applications, data and resources. Once Stone Unity is deployed at the hub location, Trust members can cherry-pick which cloud services they use, whilst maintaining a local appliance presence (the Stone Integrum) to provide local storage and compute until the school is ready to embrace cloud fully. Stone Unity also provides a bespoke app store, enabling the centralisation of software procurement and deployment.

The benefits

  • Single identity for pupils – pupils will have the same, immediately accessible identity for their entire journey from primary to secondary
  • Single identity for staff – multi-site employees such as SENCO, business managers and catering staff can access their data anywhere, anytime and from any device
  • Enables location independent learning by allowing pupils and teachers to access vital resources via any device, whether at school or at home
  • The individual app store enables MATs to share teaching aids and resources, encouraging cohesive values and standards across all its schools
  • Teaching and source materials for classes will be consistently and readily available, allowing for smoother transitions when it comes to changes in staff or teaching support

Unity combines Stone’s Integrum schools’ infrastructure solution with Microsoft’s full suite of cloud optimised services, including Azure, Active Directory, Office 365 and Skype for Business.

Despite their cohesion as, effectively, a business unit, we know that typically each school inside a MAT is at different points in their ICT investment cycle, with diverse legacy infrastructures. While one in the Trust might be ready to move applications, data and services to the cloud, several may be pulling against disparate contracts, systems and service providers, and need longer to understand the implications of cloud for them. Everything Stone Unity provides can be used by one or all of the Trust members, with each one receiving equal benefits, regardless of primary or secondary status.”

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