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As schools around the globe have come to a close, Minecraft are helping to support distant learning and inspire students to stay motivated and engaged through their Education Edition.

They are inviting educators and students to participate in the Global Minecraft Education Challenge and to “Build a Better World” with Minecraft.

This challenge presents a project-based, collaborative learning opportunity, encouraging students to solve tough problems around sustainability and inclusion in Minecraft: Education Edition and then share their solutions. Students can work on their challenge project for several weeks, which can present a useful alternative to daily classes whilst schools are closed.

To get started download the Minecraft Challenge Toolkit, a customisable guide to running a Minecraft challenge within your classroom or school.

The challenge kit includes:

  • Example challenge prompts
  • Customizable timeline for this Spring
  • A one-pager overview to send to educators and parents
  • An email template to send to educators and parents

Last week Microsoft also announced that any educator or student with a valid Office 365 EDU account, can access Minecraft: Education Edition until the end of June, to support schools during closures. They also released a remote learning toolkit with more than 100 Minecraft lessons and project ideas.


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