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Through this initiative, Microsoft and Stone will help leaders to do “new with less”, by combining the power of technology with innovative ideas.

Daley Robinson, Group Marketing Director at Stone commented, “Microsoft CityNext brings a new era of innovation to help cities transform government infrastructure, deliver new citizen services and address important challenges like sustainability and economic development.”

It’s expected that by 2030, six out of every ten people will live in a city. As more of the world’s population urbanizes, cities face mounting pressures and challenges to maintain the standard of life for citizens.

Combining a vast network of global partners and Microsoft’s history of successful education, healthcare and social programs, Microsoft CityNext helps cities plan for and embrace the future.

Collectively, we will help to connect businesses and citizens with services to create a more modern, healthy, and sustainable future.

Rob Bernard, Chief Environmental and Cities Strategist, Microsoft Worldwide Public Sector said, “We’re thrilled to partner with Stone on Microsoft CityNext. We’re inspired by our diverse partner ecosystem and know that working together we can help cities realize their full potential.”


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