Jabra Evolve2 40 SE MS Stereo - headset
  • Plug-and-Play connectivity to your computer or mobile device via USB
  • 3-microphone technology for outstanding call performance
  • Instant noise isolation for improved focus in noisy surroundings
  • Additional features available via Jabra Xpress and Jabra Direct
  • Powerful 40 mm speakers deliver richer sound for a more immersive audio experience
  • 360° busylight on both earcups is visible from all angles, acting as a do-not-disturb sign and protecting your focus
  • Move boom arm up to mute or down to unmute or answer call
Cancels more noise than ever before Put on your Evolve2 40 and feel the noise around you instantly fade. Memory foam oval ear cushions and pioneering angled design cancel 48% more of the noise around you. Guard your concentration zone with an enhanced busylight Improved busylight is four times more visible, allowing you to be seen from every angle, for even fewer interruptions. So you can work in peace. Make good calls when it matters The incredible call performance of the Evolve series is now even better; Evolve2 40 is a corded headset with an advanced digital chipset and three strategically placed professional microphones, for 35% less background conversation noise on your calls. UC-certified means UC-satisfied When collaboration is easy, everyone is happy, with both their UC platform and their headset. Evolve2 40 is available in a Microsoft-Teams variant, for truly seamless communication. Bigger speakers, better chipset, brilliant audio You'll never miss a thing, thanks to powerful leak-tolerant 40 mm speakers and the advanced digital chipset ever, delivering audio that always keeps you in the loop. Optimized for all-day comfort Jabra designed the perfect shape using biometric measurements from hundreds of heads, added soft memory foam cushions that mold to your ear's natural contours, and assembled it using durable, premium materials. Future-proof tech that gets better with age Upgradeable platform that will add even more value to your investment with future firmware upgrades through Jabra Xpress.