8am meeting at home. Mid-day catch-up from your local café. In-person presentation in the afternoon. With a unique fold-and-go design to make it the most portable professional headset, premium sound, best-in-class Hybrid ANC* and revolutionary Jabra Air Comfort technology, Evolve2 65 Flex transforms your hybrid workday, so you can work comfortably knowing wherever you wander, your attention won't.
  • Great call
  • Hear the difference
  • Music so good, you can feel it
  • Soundproof your ears
  • Don't hide when you're in your stride
  • Battery for days
  • True comfort, true luxury
  • Thinking outside the box
The future of hybrid work is unfolding 8am meeting at home. Catch-ups from your local café. In-person presentation in the afternoon. When work has you hopping from place to place, you need a headset that's as flexible as you are. Evolve2 65 Flex has serious get-up-and-go. It's the most portable professional headset, with flexible work-friendly features including best-in-class Hybrid Active Noise-Cancellation (ANC), noise-cancelling microphones and game-changing Jabra Air Comfort technology to help you stay focused and comfortable anywhere. And the best bit? The revolutionary hinged design folds flat and compact, slipping easily into its protective pouch, to perfectly fit in your bag and your nomadic work schedule. Unfold a more flexible way to work, with Evolve2 65 Flex. The strong, silent type Want to work wherever you want without noise getting in the way? Done! Evolve2 65 Flex helps you work in whatever loud location you want, thanks to an advanced chipset and premium noise-cancelling microphones that deliver a powerful Hybrid Active Noise-Cancellation (ANC) performance that's the best in its class*. And because the memory foam earcups fit closer to your ears, they seal out even more distracting sounds. Leaving you to get on with your work in peace. Put the world on pause, with Evolve2 65 Flex. * Class is defined as competitors in the same price range. Refer to jabra.co.uk/commercial-claims. Keep your voice centre stage Typical. That crucial work call you've been waiting for has finally come through. But you're stuck in less than professional surroundings. Don't sweat it. Evolve2 65 Flex slices through background sounds to keep you sounding sharp and super slick on calls and virtual meetings, no matter where you are. A specially-designed digital algorithm, powerful chipset and Jabra ClearVoice microphones join forces to block out noise from shop queues, yapping pets and skull-shaking roadworks, so the focus stays on every word you say. Now you can keep it professional wherever you choose to talk. A breath of fresh Air Working long hours is a total breeze with Evolve2 65 Flex. That's because we've added our game-changing Jabra Air Comfort technology to its streamlined fold-and-go design. Specially engineered to take the pressure off, our unique technology layers ultra-soft perforated foam inside the collapsible headband for a gentle cushioning effect. Meanwhile, the flexible earcups rotate to move whenever you do. Making you feel incredibly comfortable, no matter how long your headset is on. Are you ready to get some Air? Light up your focus Need some peace to tick off your to-do list? Evolve2 65 Flex has a little something that can help. Its 360° busylight glows red, sending out an easy-to-see "STOP" sign so that everyone around you knows when you need a bit of focus time. Give off all the right signals, with Evolve2 65 Flex. Designed for the hybrid life We wanted to help you fit in wherever your hybrid day takes you. So we made sure Evolve2 65 Flex stands out for all the right reasons. Its new streamlined silhouette doesn't just look sleek, it gives you serious get-up-and-go, thanks to our innovative hinged headband that folds flat, so it's easy to take with you wherever you're headed. And because the boom-arm is shorter and flips up to hide away, you can sound ultra-professional in the office and still be able to listen to music in your downtime - without looking like you're about to launch into a pitch presentation. Smart-casual? Evolve2 65 Flex has it nailed. All-access pass Hybrid work takes you, your colleagues and your clients all over the place, which means most of your meetings are no longer face-to-face. Evolve2 65 Flex is certified for all leading virtual meeting platforms - including Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom - so you can enjoy better quality virtual catch-ups however you want to get in touch. Plug-and-play setup gets things going instantly and a wireless range of up to 30m/100ft gives you even more freedom to do things your way. And with dual connectivity letting you switch between devices, it's easy to jump from listening to music on your phone to taking an incoming video call on your laptop without missing a beat. Staying flexible just got a whole lot easier. Best-in-class Hybrid Active Noise-Cancellation (ANC) gives noise the silent treatment Best-in-class Hybrid Active Noise-Cancellation (ANC) gives noise the silent treatment. Keep your voice centre stage with voice-isolating Jabra ClearVoice microphone technology Keep your voice centre stage with voice-isolating Jabra ClearVoice microphone technology.