The GO Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard is small and mighty. Complete your minimalist work setup or pair up with a range of devices wherever you are. With up to three saved device connections and a sleek, low-profile design, this keyboard gives you style, functionality, and ultimate convenience on the GO.
  • Connect via Bluetooth or USB wireless dongle
  • Easy switch between three saved devices (laptop, phone, tablet and more)
  • Ultra-compact design with quiet laptop-like keys
  • Accessible shortcut keys and media knob improve productivity
  • Powered by 2x AAA batteries
  • Switch between operating systems: Windows, iOS/Mac, Android and Chrome OS
Flexible connections The GO Wireless Keyboard is compatible with three - count 'em, three! - device connection options. You can pair with nearly any type of device using Bluetooth 5 or USB. Now, it is super easy for you to switch between saved devices. Sleek design Designed to be ultra-compact and lightweight, this wireless keyboard will feel just as comfortable in your work-from-home setup as it is being toted around to coffee shops, coworking spaces, or that secret work spot you go to when you need total focus. Soft touch keys Whether it's your roommate who's suddenly become your office mate or the person next to you on the plane, nobody likes a loud typer. That's why GO Wireless Keyboard is designed with low profile, soft touch keys that feel great to use and will keep your "coworkers" happy. Shortcuts for days Everybody loves a good copy / paste (CTRL C, CTRL V) shortcut - but if you're in the know, you know there's more where that came from. Smart Media Knob The Media Knob gives you quick control of your audio right from your keyboard. Whether you're pausing a YouTube video or finding the perfect song to get in the zone, it's only a click away - and your hands never have to leave the keyboard.