The Nano-Slot Laptop Lock is an anti-theft cut-resistant cable lock designed to deter the theft of laptops and other ultra-slim notebooks. The laptop lock features a 6.5ft (2m) cut-resistant cable with a PVC coating, making it a durable and reliable solution for securing laptops. The lock body features zinc-alloy plating, which prevents corrosion and wear. The compact design of this lock is perfect for ultra-slim notebooks, 2-in-1 laptops, tablets, and many other devices that feature a Nano-Slot.
  • NANO SLOT LAPTOP LOCK: 6.5ft (2m) Anti-theft cut-resistant cable lock with PVC-coating for laptops; Zinc-alloy plated lock body; Compact design for ultra-slim notebooks; Includes hook-and-loop strap for storage
  • FULL MOTION LOCK DESIGN: Lock features an off-center lock tip to allow an Ultrabook or slim laptop to lay flat; Ball-joint enables 360° rotation and 90° pivot for added flexibility and reduced strain on the lock slot; Lock head diameter is 0.4in (12.5mm)
  • KEYED ANTI-THEFT LAPTOP LOCK: Laptop cable lock with cut-resistant steel wire (4.4mm thick) includes a set of two zinc alloy keys; Quickly lock/unlock and never worry about combinations; Spacer near the lock tip prevents scuffing the laptop or device
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY: Keyed lock is compatible with ultra-thin notebooks such as HP EliteBooks, Lenovo ThinkPad X1, and Chromebooks; Computer locking cable is compatible with 2-in-1 laptops and other devices with Nano slot
  • FLEXIBLE INSTALLATION: Route the long cable through a grommet hole or a table leg; Ideal security lock for tradeshows and product exhibits; Accessorize with anchor locks LTANCHOR & LTANCHORL (sold separately) to secure equipment to almost any flat surface
Full-Motion Lock Design The diameter of the lock head is 0.4in (12.5mm), with an off-center lock tip that enables a ultrabook or slim laptops to lay flat when the lock is attached. Additionally, the lock head features both pivot and ball joints, allowing the lock to pivot 90° and rotate a full 360°. Keyed Anti-Theft Laptop Lock Keyed anti-theft laptop lock has a push-to-lock system that allows for quick lock-unlock without the need to remember sequential numbers. It also features a spacer near the lock tip that protects the device from scuffing or denting the laptop's lock slot. The lock includes a set of two zinc alloy keys. Flexible Installation The 6.5ft, 4.4mm cut-resistant steel wire can be routed through a grommet hole or attached to the leg of a table. It is the ideal security lock for tradeshows, POS, kiosks, office security, and product exhibits. Enhance the convenience and security of this product, using LTANCHOR or LTANCHORL (sold separately), to secure a device to a table or desk. The multitude of installation options ensures this lock will fit any application.