The ThinkCentre Tiny-In-One (TIO) 24 Gen 5 displays visuals and video content with great clarity on the borderless In-Plane Switching FHD panel with 99% sRGB color support. It provides a complete working experience when paired with its VoIP features, a modular design which allows it to be attached with Lenovo's range of high-performance ThinkCentre and ThinkStation Tiny Computers from 4th Gen.¦These can be effortlessly installed and housed in the dedicated slot at the back of the monitor, giving you a cable-free desk. Enjoy a consistent experience while using the classic installation mechanism quickly and easily mount Tiny PCs to the monitor. Designed for efficient remote collaboration, it has a 1080p RGB webcam with a noise-cancellation microphone for crystal-clear audio and video.¦Besides that, the Smart Traffic Light indicator indicates the status of an ongoing interaction or meeting, helping you avoid unforeseen distractions. Two integrated 3W user-facing speakers play the audio with amazing fidelity, making attending meetings a much more pleasant experience. Dedicated VoIP buttons allow you to easily mute or change the volume, making your remote meeting experience much more convenient.¦User-centric features like ThinkShutter allow you to cover your webcam lens for enhanced privacy and security. The monitor's Natural Low Blue Light technology works to reduce the harmful blue light without any color distortion during long working hours.¦In a nutshell, the TIO 24 Gen 5 helps you get a clean, clutter-free desk, collaborate seamlessly and multitask efficiently to maximize productivity.
  • Tiny packages that pack a punch
  • Remote meetings at its core
  • Your partner as well as nature's
Tiny Packages that pack a punch The TIO 24 Gen 5 is a modular device that supports Lenovo's range of ThinkCentre and ThinkStation Tiny Computers from 4th Gen. You can easily and quickly attach the Tiny to the monitor and secure them in a dedicated slot on the monitor's back, offering a clutterfree desk. An unchanged installation process ensures that you have a consistent and smooth experience when attaching Tiny PCs to the monitor. Connect multiple different devices such as laptops, towers, or notebooks using the available HDMI or DP ports. Easily secure both your TIO monitor and Tiny Computer with the Kensington lock for additional security. Remote meetings at its core The TIO 24 Gen 5 gives you plug-and-play functionality with Lenovo's Tiny PCs. A 1080p RGB webcam captures you accurately and two built-in 3W speakers help you listen to your colleagues clearly during meetings. Dedicated VoIP buttons make attending your meetings easier than ever. The menu Joystick allows you to tweak your screen's settings easily. A dedicated privacy shutter allows you to cover the camera for privacy once a meeting ends. The Smart Traffic Light indicator shows the status of an ongoing meeting to avoid potential disruptions. Your partner as well as nature's Experience clear and sharp detail, and a wide field of view on the monitor's 23.8-inch FHD In-Plane Switching panel that supports a 99% sRGB color gamut. During long hours of exposure, the Eyesafe 2.0 certified technology and Natural Low Blue Light technology reduces harmful blue light without any color distortion. The TIO 24 Gen 5 also eases your physical comfort with options to lift and lower its height to match your seating position. The monitor is packaged in recycled paper and comes with the option to select a CO2 offset service, which allows you to do your bit for the environment.